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Fuska i Fallout 4

fallout 4


Acquiring the Cryolator Early

Near the Oveseer’s skeletal remains in Vault 111, you can see a locked case that requires the Master lockpicking skill to open it and grab yourself the Cryolator (a powerful weapon that freezes enemies and possibly kills them as well).

You can bypass the Master lockpick by having Dogmeat as your companion and returning to Vault 111 (by pushing a button near Vault 111 itself in a little building). When Dogmeat is near the case have him search for items and he will immediately head to it and grab the Cryolator through the glass case and return to you and drop it. There you go! Instant Cryolator! Check Dogmeat’s inventory for 200 rounds for the gun also.

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Duplicating most weapons, unique items, etc.

With Dogmeat as your companion you can get him to duplicate most things in your inventory. These include: the SPECIAL book itself so you can max out your SPECIAL skills, most weapons (Alien Blaster, Fatman, Miniguns, etc.) and most other items you have.

Majority of your ammo won’t/can’t be duplicated though as I have tried doing this with the AB ammo for the Alien Blaster and at best it gave me ONE more bullet for it. What you do is drop the desired item on the ground in front of you and have Dogmeat go a fair distance away from you then while in his command menu, have him pick up the item and at the same time you pick it up as well. You have to time this perfectly and when you do, you will have the item in your inventory and Dogmeat will have another in his.

He will then drop it on the ground in front of you. Repeat as desired. I ended up with 32 SPECIAL skill books (more than I really needed) and maxed out my SPECIAL skills. Caution: If you are wearing any armour that has a SPECIAL stat on it, remove it first or else the game will glitch it out. For example, I was wearing a chest piece with +1 Strength and +1 Endurance and I maxed out my SPECIAL skills to 10. Except in the skills menu it shows that I’m only at level 9 of those skill points.

Infinite XP and companion affinity for some companions

So far, every safe I’ve encountered that is both pickable and has a terminal nearby to hack qualifies for this exploit. Pick the safe then hack the terminal and relock the safe. Pick the safe again. Open the hacked terminal and relock the safe. Repeat until bored. You’ll only get the hacking XP once but you’ll get lock XP every time. As an added benefit, Piper, Cait, and Deacon will all gain affinity as long as the safe is unowned.